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The latest model, introduced in , is no exception, delivering fun, value for money and a reasonable dose of stylish good looks. Ford Fiesta buying guide. Mercedes C-Class buying guide.

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VW Golf buying guide. So as you press hard on the accelerator, the eight-speed automatic seems to instantly find a lower gear for better acceleration. The Jaguar XE also received a major update early in , with revised trim options, a sleeker exterior, and updates to the interior — including a significantly improved dashboard screen.

Jaguar XE buying guide. Seat is part of the VW group. The seven-speed automatic has enough gears to ensure that the 2. As ever with this gearbox, changes are quick and it does a good job of changing down quickly when you need to accelerate. Seat Ateca buying guide. It may not change gear quite as quickly as the DSG dual-clutch gearbox in other Audis, but most Q7s are not bought for performance.

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Audi Q7 buying guide. The eight-speed gearbox in the Range Rover Sport has to be a jack-of-all-trades. Its different settings allow it to boost off-road performance, or prioritise smooth on-road driving.

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  • And despite the different demands, it shines at both extremes. The price of comfortable, cocooning luxury?

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    Range Rover Sport buying guide. The seven-speed automatic gearbox in the BMW M2 is an optional extra. The manual 'box in this car is good, but the auto in many ways is better. For a start, it makes the car quicker to 62mph — the auto makes it in a blistering 4. There are paddles behind the steering wheel that give you the chance to change gear, and in sport settings, it will let you wring the car's neck to the rpm redline.

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    • These paddles feel weighty and well-made too, making the gear changing experience feel solid and meaty, rather than limp and unexciting. BMW 2 Series buying guide.

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      But for the optimum performance and fastest gear changes, then a computerised dual-clutch gearbox is faster to change than any human. Porsche has form with this type of gearbox — it developed the the very first dual-clutch gearbox for the racing car in the early s. If you want to take control, then there are paddles behind the steering wheel that change gear quickly in response to your taps. Home cars automatic cars Best automatic cars automatic cars.

      BuyaCar team Mar 25, Here is a description of some of the main types of automatic gearbox: Search automatic car deals. This version comes in a smart silver colour ideal for the brand! Up next, we have another entry from the Smart Fortwo range , this time coming with a registration and in a light yellow exterior complexion. Despite being a little older, it has actually clocked up fewer miles, with 33, used up as we write this article. It is a very experienced model, having racked up 75, miles during its lifespan with plenty left to give, and it runs on diesel power with a engine.

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