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Instead, each job seeker gave a one-minute pitch. The event also drew a range of applicants, solving what William MacMillan referred to as one of the biggest challenges he faces during the hiring process. MacMillan is the former chief technology officer of Prattle, and is currently senior leader of Liquidnet. Jan Daniels, one of the attendees, said the showcase offered a solution for one of the main challenges for applicants: getting a face-to-face meeting with potential employers. Instead, job seekers often submit resumes online and never hear back. A weak hiring report appeared to increase the odds of a rate cut in the coming months.

Africa So. Korea Switzerland. Dividend Footnotes: a - Extra dividends were paid, but are not included. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferred. Other: x - ex-dividend. The yield on the year Treasury note fell to 2. Yields affect rates on mortgages and other consumer loans.

The Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company and 39 of its subsidiaries and foreign sales agents.

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It said the sanctions were the result of the company doing billions of dollars of business with the Guard Corps. The Salem oak came down Thursday evening, drawing people to mourn its loss. The Salem Religious Society of Friends said the tree has been in declining health over the last years. Ashiqul Alam was arrested Thursday after arranging through an undercover agent to buy a pair of semiautomatic pistols with obliterated serial numbers. BIDEN: After two days of intense criticism, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden reversed course late Thursday and declared that he no longer supports the Hyde Amendment, a long-standing congressional ban on using federal health care money to pay for abortions.

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Little, who was convicted in of killing three Los Angeles-area women and later pleaded guilty to killing a Texas woman, is serving life sentences in California. The stiff sentence for Mohamed Noor capped a case that had been fraught by race from the start. Because now we set a precedent saying if you kill someone, you will be prosecuted.

You will go to jail. Are you going to do the same things for those cops? Damond was a year-old life coach who was due to be married a month after her death. I wish though that I could relieve that burden others feel from the loss that I caused. I cannot, and that is a troubling reality for me.

University of Alabama employees remove the name of Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. Hugh F. They did not elaborate. In return, the law school was renamed the Hugh F. School of Law. Hours later, Alabama announced it was considering giving back his money — a move it said was underway even before Culverhouse spoke out. University Chancellor Finis E. Culverhouse acknowledged telling the university that the law school should admit more students and that his donation was intended to fund scholarships to achieve that.

But he said he thought the matter had been resolved. The businessman and attorney did not attend Alabama, but his parents did, and the business school bears the name of Hugh Culverhouse Sr. Want to visit? Private citizens would have to make travel arrangements with those private companies. Depending on the market, the agency will allow up to two visitors per year, for now. The space station has welcomed tourists before by way of Russian rockets.

The second female prime minister in British history spent the. May will remain as acting leader and prime minister for a few weeks while the party picks a successor, who will become the next prime minister. The winner will be announced the week of July The plan has been rejected three times by Parliament.

With British politicians deadlocked, departure day was postponed from March 29 to Oct. The pair of political disputes puts the chief justice in an awkward spot. Wydra, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center, a self-described. The chief justice also has made clear that he would like to avoid. To avoid that split in the gerrymandering case, he probably would need to enlist Justices Elena Kagan and Stephen Breyer, both Democratic appointees, in a compromise ruling that left open future legal challenges to overly partisan election maps. Gerrymandering was hardly a Republican invention.

Democrats in California and Illinois were among the pioneers in drawing election maps to lock in majorities for their candidates. But in the midterm election, the GOP won full control in states including North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, and Republicans drew election maps that ensured their party would typically win a lopsided majority of the seats. Citing the partisan tilt, judges recently have struck down the district maps in each of those states. The Supreme Court, however, has never struck down a partisan gerrymander.

The census dispute also has become intensely partisan. Last week, lawyers who sued over the census plan raised a second concern. They said a census with detailed data on citizens would permit states to divide. An adviser to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had consulted with Hofeller, who died in , before Ross decided to add the question to the census. Legions of women built weapons of war that men fought and killed with. By ensuring production of planes, tanks and other material, they freed up men sent into combat on all the fronts of World War II.

Women fought, and died, too. Across France, many schools are named after Aubrac, who died in , aged Women nursed the wounded and comforted the traumatized. And it was a real wakeup realization and it stayed with me ever since, every day. Women were also on the front lines of horror and suffering, with countless numbers subjected to mass rapes by advancing soldiers who often carried love-letters and keep-sakes from sweethearts waiting back home, millions of whom became widows.

In the aftermath of the Dec. Women work side by side with men on the sub-assembly line turning out Martin B medium bombers on Jan. Martin plant in Baltimore Md. Morrison returned to Normandy for the 75th anniversary, where she served in the th Evacuation Hospital in On Oct. Henry Arnold wrote. We had to pay our own way to wherever we were going next. We had no severance pay. Thirty-eight of the women were killed in wartime service. Out of a job, Harman married a naval officer.

But the aggressive goals and scant de- Biden tails left room for candidates — Joe Biden, in particular — to get credit for embracing the spirit of the Green New Deal without fully delivering Ocasiowhat some of its Cortez activists want. That left some environmentalists declaring a big victory and others seeing only partial progress in the climate change plan Biden announced this week.

It may also decide how far leftward the party is willing to go to address an issue that has faded from the national stage during general presidential elections but is an increasingly high priority for Democrats amid fresh warnings from scientists about the imminent consequences of global warming. The Green New Deal, by contrast, seeks to fully decarbonize the economy by — and its chief backer, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N. Thunder on K Street Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ted Cruz teaming up to push for lobbying reform?

Bizarre — and encouraging. And they can lobby the White House immediately. This year alone, more than a dozen former members joined lobbying firms. Democrats have debated about how to handle invitations from Fox — which long ago graduated from the mere bias typical of most cable news to fullservice shilling for the Republican Party.

Dethroned King Kudos to Republican House leaders who are standing firm against a cadre of right-wing extremists in their party trying to get Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, reinstated to his committee assignments. Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization? They stripped King of all committee assignments. It was the right thing to do.

So, of course, a group of hard-right House ideologues wants it undone. They, and King, absurdly claim the above words from the interview were taken out of context — as if any context could de-fang them. GOP leaders should stick to their guns. Louis-area man who, with others, stages online stings to expose child sex predators. As the St. Voodoo economics award President Donald Trump is giving the prestigious Medal of Freedom to economist Arthur Laffer, the supply-side guru whose theory has for decades enthralled the GOP and plagued the U. Add the Medal of Honor to the growing list of oncehallowed institutions Trump has now sullied.

He went on national radio the evening of June 6, , asking all Americans to join him in a prayer. Lead them straight and true, give strength to their arms. Embrace these, father, and receive them, Thy heroic servants, into thy kingdom. I am saddened to suspect that Roosevelt, or any other president, would be accused by many in the progressive media of having injected the Judeo-Christian religion into the public square. I have little doubt, though, that most Americans would be moved by his prayer and pleased the president had delivered it. Students are, in fact, legally allowed to pray in school because of a Supreme Court ruling Engel v.

However, because a founding principle of this country is the separation of church and state, schools may not prohibit students from praying voluntarily as long as it is done silently, does not disrupt others, and does not subject other students to peer pressure. Teachers may not proselytize to their students for any religion during the school day. There also is no evidence that student prayers helped prevent uncivil behavior. The roots of such behavior are complex, deep and wide ranging. Certainly, schools face multiple challenges today in terms of student learning, but asking students to pray is not a proven cure.

Perhaps the British should remember that, had it not been for the United States, they might very well be using German as their primary language. As they exit Europe, they will need the U. Perhaps in their own interests the British should criticize a little less and politely clap a little more. As for Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, at least she is consistent and is not living in the U. I live in New York, where the Impossible Burger has disappeared from the menus of all my favorite haunts.

Louis, we feel your pain! Meanwhile, plant-based options are appearing on menus in the unlikeliest of restaurants. Changing to a plant-based diet is probably easier, and more delicious, than you think. Flores Act states that children are not allowed to be forcibly separated from their caregivers for more than 20 days. Child development experts say that longer separation can result in permanent psychological damage. Caliburn International, the company that runs the Homestead Temporary Shelter, claims that these traumatized children are not protected by the Flores agreement because they are being held in a temporary facility on federal land.

To see these children in what I believe are prison-camp conditions is heartbreaking. To think that this is happening in the U. Brenda Light Bredemeier, Ph. John Richardson, the chief of Naval Operations, is taking the right step in reviewing former Missouri Gov. Commissioned naval officers have a code of conduct, and one precept is that sexual misconduct is not tolerated.

Another violation is when a senior ranking service member intimidates a lower ranking service member into a sexual relationship. In these situations the offender is dismissed from the service. Now comes a previously serving officer, seeking reentry to the ranks based on an honorable record of prior service. But, something has changed. There is undeniable evidence that his civilian sexual misconduct would not be accepted in the U.

Louis, MO letters post-dispatch. Please include your name, address and phone number. All letters are subject to editing.

Writers usually will not be published more than once every 60 days. But not even her students realized the psychological toll of their devices until an in-class experiment that, of course, was then spreading on social media. Teachers around the country have run similar experiments, typically recording dozens of trips to the board. But research now points to smartphonedriven social media as one of the biggest drivers of stress. Last year, an editorial in the. Researchers are still arguing whether phones drive student depression or depression drives phone use. Schools are starting to react.

Others invite in yoga instructors and comfort dogs to teach even the youngest kids to keep technology from putting them on edge. Her mother, Erin Schifferli, plans to wait until Aeva is 16 before getting her a cellphone out of concern that the technology, especially social media, is contributing to rising levels of anxiety and depression among teenagers. Some rack up absences because they feel overwhelmed by the day ahead, Doyle said.

A teacher for 30 years, he has seen a profound shift toward constant self-evaluation that he associates with social media, YouTube, and even school grade portals sometimes checked dozens of times a day — things students have never before had to manage. Opal was a remarkably generous woman who belonged to St. Patrick Catholic Church and constantly volunteered her time and talents to assist the church wherever she might be needed.

Her volunteering efforts combined with her knitting hobby to create afghan blankets she donated to soldiers. It is because of this legacy of selflessness that Opal acquired the reputation of a volunteer extraordinaire.

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Opal genuinely loved people and belonged to the Red Hat Society where she made many friends and memories over the years. Contributions in Opal's name may be made to the Kidney Foundation. But for every student who said the grade book caused them anxiety, there was another who said losing regular access created even more stress, said instructional innovation director Ryan Bretag.

Willimon, Capt. During his career he was deployed as a submarine engineer, worked for the Secretary of the Navy and was an Executive Officer for the Philadelphia Shipyard. After retiring from the Navy as a Captain, Pack attended Washington University Law School and worked for nearly three decades as a self-employed country lawyer in Ellisville. When Pack was asked what sort of law he practiced, he often replied: "Door Law.

Whatever walks in the door. Professionally Pack made the world a safer and more manageable place for his fellow humans. At home, Pack was a loving father, brother and husband, deeply devoted to his family. His life - a man who saw the world and left it better than the one he entered - will be fondly remembered and celebrated. Will negotiate. In lieu of flowers the family has asked that you consider donations to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, the Kiwanis Children's Foundation or a charity of your choice.

Teaching limits at an earlier age might help. The idea, which got its start in Texas two years ago, is to lessen the peer pressure of being the only kid without a phone by enlisting parents of classmates to agree to hold off until at least eighth grade. So far, almost 20, people have signed on, founder Brooke Shannon said. Please be advised of the death of Bro. Angelo T. Memorial Mass following at 12pm St. Richard Catholic Church, Schuetz Rd. Louis, Mo. Jacobs, B. David A. Roth, F. Please be advised of the death of Paul V. West Active Member Wake from a.

He added that the encounter will not deter the U. No one was injured, and the ships never came into contact, said Navy Cdr. Clay Doss, a spokesman for the Japan-based 7th Fleet. An American helicopter was preparing to land on the Chancellorsville, which was traveling on a steady course, when the Russian destroyer, traveling behind the U. The Chinese said the Luoyang had been deployed to drive the U.

China claims as its own. In this latest incident, in open ocean northeast of the Philippines, the Russian military accused the Chancellorsville of making a dangerous maneuver by crossing the path of the Russian destroyer Admiral Vinogradov. The Russian military said in a statement that the U. It said its navy sent a radio message in protest. With U. Naval War College amid allegations that he spent excessively, abused his hiring authority and otherwise behaved inappropriately, including keeping a margarita machine in his office.

Multiple current and former college employees told The Associated Press they have raised serious concerns for over a year about Rear Adm. They, along with two other current employees and one former worker, spoke about their concerns with Harley on condition of anonymity because they feared professional retaliation. Two of them told the AP that they and others were interviewed by investigators in September, but nothing happened. It has not taken action against him so far.

Christina Sears said. Founded in when the Navy was still transitioning from wooden ships to steel, the waterfront college in the well-heeled sailing community of Newport has served as a pre-retirement post for distinguished wartime commanders, including Vice Adm. James Stockdale, the Vietnam prisoner of war and Medal of Honor recipient. Previously an assistant deputy chief of naval operations in Washington, Harley assumed command in July at the post-graduate institution, which graduates about 1, students each year and employs around faculty and staff.

Harley himself acknowledged in a campus email in February that the school. Just last week, he asked for more cutbacks in travel budgets. Harley has told staff and faculty in emails this spring that the college was remedying pay gaps between. Among the other allegations made with the in-. The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the U. David Perdue, a former Fortune business executive and close ally of Trump.

I want border security. The tactic runs counter to long-held GOP views on trade — prioritizing free markets — and pushed Republicans, particularly those who will be running for reelection alongside Trump in , to fall in line. GOP Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina said he was prepared to support Trump if the issue came to a vote. He also resisted the temptation to tell Bergeron or even fellow Bruins veteran David Krejci that they were among his favorite. These fans in blue. For more than 50 years. And then to take a lead in the series and host Game 6?

But … the Toronto Maple Leafs blew it. To the Boston Bruins, too. Yes, earlier in this very postseason, the Bruins arrived in a Cupthirsty city with the season on the line. Louis Blues. But the Bruins won Game 6 on the road … and Game 7 at home. Louis on Sunday.

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The man knows hockey. CHICAGO — As he has sought ways to spur a pedestrian offense, Cardinals manager Mike Shildt judiciously has swapped out a few starters, here and there, and prudently rewritten the top of the lineup. But after another game that underscored their struggles, he did something even rarer.

He nodded to the opposing pitcher. Cubs lefty Cole Hamels held the Cardinals scoreless for eight innings, struck out 10, led the hosts to a victory at Wrigley. Saturday got to acknowledge that. B5 good as anybody has thrown the ball against us all year. He was in Field and left little else for the control, command, everything. Joliet, p. River City, p. River City, a. Simulcasting: 11 a. Arkansas, ESPN 11 a. Yankees at Indians, FS1 5 p. Michigan, ESPN2 8 p. Featherweights: Oscar Valdez vs. UFC Cejudo vs. Moraes, prelims, ESPN 7 p.

Wales, ESPN2 8 a. China, FS1 a. U World Cup: United States vs. Ecuador, FS2 a. U World Cup: South Korea vs. Senegal, FS2 2 p. Vondrousova, KSDK 5 a. Mix in a wild wind, and Federer, so great for so long, against anyone else and anywhere else, morphed into merely good. I was thinking that during the match. To e-mail editors, use first initial AND last name post-dispatch. He frustrated the guy so much that the generally stoic Federer smacked a tennis ball toward the stands after getting broken to trail in the third set. It soon would be over.

I thought Rafa really had to come up with the goods to make the difference, and the difference was a passing shot here, a pickup there. He entered May without a title in , his worst start to a season in 15 years. Auburn, ESPN 11 a. Louisville if necessary , ESPN2 p. Vanderbilt if necessary , ESPN2 2 p.

Premier League: Atlas LC vs. Italy, FS1 a.

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Jamaica, FS1 11 a. Scotland, KTVI 2 1 p. Exhibition: United States vs. Venezuela, KTVI 2 p. He also never has lost to Federer at Roland Garros, improving to Nadal leads their series The No. Thiem was leading , , when play was halted. Nadal is bidding for his 18th major title.

Among men, only Federer has more with Like so many times before, it. Barty then lost the initial 12 points of the second set to trail — and yet somehow won it. Barty, an Australian seeded No. Got plans for ? The Missouri football team sure does. The Tigers will face the Aztecs in Columbia for the other two games, in and He was They also plan to salute Starr at halftime of their home opener, Sept.

He was MVP in both games. It is since then. Open Cup play at Lindenwood University in St.

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Madrid is rebuilding after one of the worst seasons in club history and added forward Luka Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt earlier this week. Hazard scored goals in matches with Chelsea. Matt Crafton was second and year-old rookie Tyler Ankrum was third.

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Joe Lyons Real Madrid gets Hazard: Real Madrid signed Eden Hazard from Chelsea for its second major offseason addition, and reportedly its most expensive ever for the Spanish soccer team. Stephen Curry added 27 points but shot just 9 for 22 and 2 of 9 from 3-point range on the heels of his postseason career-best point outing in a Game 3 defeat. Curry was stoic as he talked and walked for a few seconds. Seems like forever ago now.

The Finals are a happy stage for Green, who has been in the title-deciding series three times now and has put up big numbers in each of those trips. And there were at least three of his shots where we just drifted away from him, and we have got to stay connected to him. The Phoenix. Suns will face the San Antonio Spurs two days later. The games will be the 29th and 30th in Mexico since , the most in any country outside the United States and Canada. Orlando played Chicago and Utah in Mexico City in In two seasons under his leadership, Milwaukee has generated a record, hired Mike Budenholzer as head coach and positioned the team for longterm success.

This past season, the Bucks. There are 46 players in NBA history to have made at least 15 3-pointers in the Finals. Of those 46, only two have done so while shooting at least 50 percent from beyond the arc. Wendie Renard, at 6-foot-2 the tallest player in the tournament, scored twice on headers off corner kicks, and Les Bleues overwhelmed South Korea Friday night in the World Cup opener. We have six more steps on the road that need to be taken. France faces Norway on Wednesday and Nigeria on June Four years ago, all nine teams that won their opener advanced from the nation group stage to the round of Griedge Mbock Bathy appeared to score in the 30th minute, but the.

Ten of her last 11 goals have come on headers. It allowed us to go into the break with a three-goal lead. Not that the Raptors are ready to celebrate yet. Replays showed a tooth in the middle of the key even after play resumed. The Warriors, the only team to blow a Why not make our own history? Green delivered another impressive allaround performance with 10 points, 12 assists, nine rebounds, two blocks and a steal. Kevon Looney, a key backup big man, scored 10 points for the Warriors after it was initially believed he would be out the remainder of the series because of fractured cartilage near his right collarbone.

In two seasons under his leadership, Milwaukee has generated a record, hired Mike Budenholzer as head coach and positioned the team for long-term success. Louis 1 Colorado 5, N. Cincinnati Roark at Philadelphia Pivetta , p. Atlanta Teheran at Miami Richards , p. Pittsburgh Lyles at Milwaukee Davies , p. Colorado Gray at N. Mets Matz , p. Dodgers Hill at San Francisco Samardzija , p. Louis Flaherty at Chicago Cubs Lester , p. Washington Scherzer at San Diego Lauer , p. Yankees 6, Toronto 2. Home Home Home Away Away Away Kevin Cron hit a three-run shot in the fourth inning to help the Diamondbacks jump out to a lead.

Mike Soroka pitched eight innings of three-hit ball. The Rockies allowed just six hits and two walks to fend off the Mets, whogot 10 strikeouts from Jacob deGrom in six innings. Marwin Gonzalez and Mitch Garver singled in runs in the eighth and ninth innings to extend the lead. Bruce Marcus Semien hit a two- already has four homers in run home run to break a tie four games with the Phillies.

Angels, n. Arizona Greinke at Toronto Sanchez , p. Baltimore Cashner at Houston Valdez , p. Yankees Sabathia at Cleveland Plutko , p. Angels TBD , p. Blackmon had been sidelined since May 24 with a strained right calf, while Davis had been out since May 19 with a left oblique strain. Even without both three-time All-Stars, the Rockies had won nine of They went after Blackmon was placed on the IL, and with Davis unavailable.

Eight months after undergoing Tommy John surgery on his right elbow, Gregorius was activated from the injured list and started at shortstop Friday night as the AL East-leading Yankees open a three-game series against the Indians. He made a quicker-than-expected recovery and now rejoins a Yankees team that found a way to keep winning without him — and others. Colgate Toothpaste, 4. Post Cereal, 11 — Pringles, 5. Home Supplies. Personal Care. Neutrogena Therapeutic Shampoo, 4. This post may contain affiliate links. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website.

Part comedian, part Dad, part athlete. He will boss around your children while they play ball.